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When a Loved One Dies Far from Home

When a loved one dies, it can be complicated to plan the funeral. There are many decisions to be made, from big choices such as the final resting place to small details such as the music and readings. Planning a funeral is even more complicated, however, when the death occurs far from home. 

If your loved one dies while away from home, you can contact knowledgeable professionals at your local funeral home. They will help you determine if the person who has died should be transported by air, rail or over land. This process should go smoothly, particularly if your loved one had a plan in place with the funeral home. 

It's a bit more complicated when a death occurs overseas, although the United States consulate can help. In some cases, it might be more practical to have the person buried where he or she died, but you do have the option of transporting the body. You might also want to consider cremation because cremated remains are much easier to transport.  

When you preplan, you make it easier on your family, even if you die away from home. You can start by making sure they know which funeral home to call. Having a plan in place will also make it easier for them to make arrangements because the funeral home will be aware of your wishes and ready to help carry them out.  

Whether you have an immediate need or are preplanning for the future, Nakamura Mortuary and Crematory can help. We've been helping families plan meaningful, life-honoring services. Call (808) 495-4308 for more information or visit our Plan Ahead page to learn about preplanning and to request your free preplanning kit.

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