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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.


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Renie was amazing and more than helpful with assisting me with the pre-burial plan for my dad

Author: Richard Carr rated with 5 stars
Jackie & Ron Martin/Reed Jackie & Ron Martin/Reed April 14, 2024 5 stars

“Death. When that happens on Maui, you have the choice of two funeral "homes": Nakamura's or Ballard's/Borthwick. I personally recommend going with Nakamura's as we had an absolutely inexcusable, horrible experience with Ballard's when my dad passed away (see my Yelp review). FUNERAL PLAN: Now that my spouse and I are middle-aged, it was time to start paying for our funeral and boneyard plans. We met with a friendly gal by the name of Nicole at Maui Memorial Park who helped us set up our plan and made sure we had arrangements strictly with Nakamura's and not awful Ballard's. We went through all the steps and made monthly payments. FUNERAL "HOME": Only in Hawaii do you have mortuaries and not traditional funeral homes like you find in the mainland US. While I can't comment on planning a service here, I can give my perspective as a grieving guest. If you're a non-religious family, this place is perfect as you can bring in anyone you want as far as leading the service. Parking can be a problem especially if you have a large family or if the deceased person was well known. There a few stalls on the lawn adjacent to the building and some in the back. It looks horrible with all the cars parked right out front but what are you supposed to do? There are unofficial street stalls along Lower Main Street but park at your own risk with Maui's terrifying driver skills. A small reception area greets you upon entering, good enough for a small 2-person table to collect cards. The main viewing room has a church-like setup with rows of pews split into three sections. Lighting is bright and not very ambient but the acoustics are good. Numerous split a/c units kept the room cool. Another popular local tradition is to feed your guests after the service. They have a small room with communal tables towards the back of the facility. Local catering companies do this all the time so set up/breakdown is usually a breeze for them. OVERALL: Trust me, go with Nakamura's for you or your loved one's home-going ceremony.”

Maui World Travelers Maui World Travelers January 21, 2024 4 stars

“The staff helped my family through an unexpected and difficult time where we needed guidance through the process of handling the sudden loss of our loved one. Our arranger, T.D., embodies the concept of "aloha" and displayed it throughout the entire time we worked with her. She provided answers to all of our questions and presented all of our options without overwhelming us. She truly demonstrated that she has the family's best interest at heart. My family and I will never be able to thank her or her staff enough for treating us as if we were one of their own. Our only regret is that there are only five rating stars. Our experience at this mortuary is definitely worthy of 10 stars!”

Tricia Tricia December 14, 2023 5 stars

“I had a funeral that required all staff on Deck with the amount of family wanting to show respect . Tony was one of the best general managers I have ever delt with. Raji made my mom look so good post mortem, she was treated with the best care. I also appreciated Robin and his sympathy to my family taking so long to close the casket , overall the staff there handled all things . I have future arrangements set with nakamuras . Mahalo Nakamura staff for your genuine and caring service.”

Apalonia Thompson Apalonia Thompson November 27, 2023 5 stars

“Thank you for all your help through this difficult time.”

Ephraim Stevens Ephraim Stevens October 04, 2023 5 stars

“Buena atención”

Gerardo Luis LóPez Gerardo Luis LóPez October 02, 2023 5 stars

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Protect your family and get peace of mind when you put a funeral or cemetery plan in place ahead of time.